Outsourcing allows a company to focus on its core business while having the supporting company’s functions taken care of by outside experts. This means that a large amount of the management time and resource which is used to manage the processes and attend to detail can be used for more important, broader and strategic issues within the company. The specialised company that handles the outsourced work is streamlined and has world-class capabilities and access to new technology that a company couldn’t afford to buy on their own.

In practice, outsourcing is a normal part of business life and most companies outsource some of their processes to other organisation with specialist skills and experience. As the markets mature, more and more functions are decided to be outsourced. Organisations are increasingly reviewing functions that can be performed more efficiently and therefore cost effectively by other providers specialising in that particular activity.


What will be your benefit if you decide to outsource?

Many people have a not very correct view about outsourcing. They often see outsourcing as a way to hand over control to an external provider. On the contrary, if you choose the right provider, the quality and the control mechanisms should be on an even higher level by ensuring that you get the information you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Businesses choose an outsource solution for many reasons. Whatever your reason, come to PrimeConsult Ltd and let us be your partner to drive your plans forward. Whatever the size of your organisation and nature of your business, we aim to provide you with tangible benefits that increase your long-term profitability and support the efficient management of your organisation.


  • Cost reduction– all our outsourcing services are designed in a way to save your organisation plenty of costs, associated to hiring additional staff, training, software purchase and implementation, etc.
  • Reliability and accuracy – improve reliability and accuracy of information on which to make informed management decisions.
  • Expertise – access to the highest level of knowledge and expertise which will help you stay competitive on the market.
  • Focus on your core business objectives – eliminate the need for you to get into the day-to-day periphery activities, thereby freeing you up to focus on key areas and more productive activities.
  • Free your staff – enables you to use your key staff and resources more effectively.
  • Reaching the highest quality – the provision of highly qualified staff being carefully managed in an ISO compliant environment.
  • Access to industry leading technology – PrimeConsult Ltd has access to a broad range of accounting, finance and payroll technology solutions that would normally be beyond the reach of small and midsized business.
  • Clear responsibility – by outsourcing any of your function(s), the rules, the engagement and the delegated responsibility will be more than clear.


We, at PrimeConsult Ltd have proven to be a very efficient and trusted partner. By being this experienced, we are in a position to guarantee all our prospect clients a smooth and painless transition to any of our services.

No matter how big or complex your organization is, we have developed the right mechanisms to ensure that we shall conduct a hassle-free implementation and no one in your company will even notice that it is in a state of transition.

During the years we have developed and successfully utilized a standardised process which identifies within the function to be outsourced the changes which need to be made, the resources that need to be involved, the risks which must be addressed and controlled, and the benefits which we want the client to receive.